World War III May Be Virtual

“Around 150 of the French ministry’s 170,000 computers were reportedly affected by that assault, which involved targeted email and malware.

The EU attack involves Microsoft Exchange servers and other systems.”

see EU admits deep impact cyberattack in run-up to key summit

Maybe those diplomats should be switched to GNU/Linux as the police did.
“The Gendarmerie now purchases computers with no operating system licenses involved. That factor saves them €150 (around US$200) per computer. In five years, then end of their license renewal period, the Gendarmerie will save €12 million (nearly US$16 million) on operating system licenses alone. Add in client access licenses, mail system client access licenses, and so on, and the five-year cost to bring their users to this same level of functionality would be €60 million (nearly US$80 million).”

It pays to use GNU/Linux.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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4 Responses to World War III May Be Virtual

  1. Ray says:

    “Microsoft + Security = (Empty Dance Floor)”

    I’ll dance 😀

  2. If you have physical access to a machine, yes. Otherwise, no. Some quite prominent websites run GNU/Linux and have never been hacked whereas that other OS has been known to be owned in seconds.

  3. Ray says:

    I still think you can hack a Linux system, even with all it’s security add-ons.

  4. Richard Chapman says:

    Microsoft + Security = (Empty Dance Floor)

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