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Good Reasons to Switch to GNU/Linux

I stumbled upon How You Know When It’s Time to Switch to Linux by Katherine Noyes. She has some good points: 1. Tired of Paying for Software 2. You’re tired of upgrading hardware. 4. You’ve seen one too many patch … Continue reading

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Phoney “7” Becomes Less Phony

Chuckle. M$ is just now letting some users have cut-and-paste, a feature of most desktops OS since they began. In the paper world, folks were cutting and pasting paper until the 1970s. Last year, I still saw teachers who were … Continue reading

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Apple a Success?

“Apple is currently the most successful tech company on the planet.” wrote Stewart Meagher at Thinq. He may be right about the machinations surrounding elections to the board of Disney but he needs a lesson in geography. There are parts … Continue reading

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