BG: Let’s Enslave The World

Bill Gates lets on that he is a philanthropist but reading some of his e-mails shows quite a different story. Here’s one about dealing with Intel, you know, the other part of Wintel:
“From: Bill Gates
Sent: Sunday, June 09, 1996 10:11 PM
To: Joachim Kempin
Cc: Paul Maritz; Marshall Brumer; Rich Tong; Jonathan Roberts; David Heiner
Subject: Intel payments for logo usage

I decided to send this issue to a small group

Intel pays out about $500M per year in advertising incentive money for people to use their logo. It is serious money. When Compaq decided to join the program it cost them a lot. They sort of hope IBM doesn’t join since that would also cost them a lot.

They have adopted a policy that if there is more than one logo then they pay a lot less. I told Andy that they should just reduce payments after 2 logos (theirsd and one others). He tried to say the
lawyers though that was a problem and I told him that was real nonsense since they wouldn’t be saying anything about the second logo and whose it is. He said he is the decision maker on this issue. He said he will talk to the lawyers again. I told him I didn’t want him to hide behind the lawyers since dropping payments after 2 is certainly as open as dropping payments after 1. We may have to get our lawyers to talk to their lawyers at some point. Joachim – go ahead and talk to Ottelini. If we can’t get it structured this way I will want the lawyers to give their opinion and I will make one more appeal to Andy.

If it turns out we can’t get this solved I have another idea. Itsd an idea that might make sense even if the logo thing stays intact. We could use MDA incentive to convince Oems to refere to the PCs they license Windows on as WindowsPC’s rather than IBM compatible. We could incent them to use this designation sort of like we do the logo. If we were successful the world would change the way it talks about PCs to WindowsPCs.

MS-PCA 2618927



So, Intel started paying OEMs to use an “Intel” sticker and Bill decided they should not pay less if there was also an M$ sticker. Isn’t it great that Bill feels he can tell others how to run their businesses? Isn’t it great to be a “partner”“slave”?

I think the world is becoming a better place as the monopoly subsides. It’s just happening too damned slowly.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oe says:

    Well Pogson, I know for sure I am less productive with out the FOSS apps that I prefer for.

    Gnumeric and OO-Calc –> much easier to use than the Excel ribbon, file formats are nice and stable too with good interoperability with just about all spreadsheet users (save Excel). Gnumeric is very rigorous for stat’s (for a spreadsheet)….

    Octave – very good Matlab clone w/o the licence hassles. I have sent donations in with requested/suggested features

    WxMaxima – very good LISP-syntax based symbolic math too. Used a lot to check/remove math tedium.

    A lot of HIGH end commecial software I have had to use ($10,000 yr/seat license fee’s) like Abaqus and Unigraphics NX sure seem to run more seamlessly and snappy on the Penguin.

    I could gripe on but yes the lack of good quality apps is hurting my productivity now, I’ve got the MSOffice for dummies books to Figure out the ribbon, Vista is just a pig where a lot of XP knowledge has to be unlearned. No native PDF readers, print to PDF and generate PDF. No ability to run tarballs in userspace (although “Portable Apps” is helping to mitigate that). And word is there moving us up to seven soon….and I’m sure everything is moved around again, but the essential core of the OS remains a bloated, rickety, mess that was Vista and XP+3 Service Packs.

    Oh well at least I can hit the coffee rack for 10 minutes in the morning with a plausible excuse.

  2. oldman says:

    “I notice whenever that tune plays the Microsoft faithful are nowhere to be seen on the dance floor.”

    I’ll be more than happy to dance the Microsoft Security Rumba with you if you will be so kind as to dance the Software Utility two-step with me Mr. Chapman.

    Care to answer the questions I posed to you sir?

  3. oldman says:

    “Mr. Chapman invalidated your argument, yet you call him snarky? How about a rebuttal, or perhaps an admission that your argument was poor?”

    Actually, What Mr. Chapman did was to remind me that one should never think that posting a one liner is an acceptable standing for a full exposition. I broke this rule and left my self wide open for Mr. Chapmans riposte.

    However characterizing what he wrote as an invalidation of my arguement is questionable. While I am sure that Mr. Chapman considers Microsoft as harmful to ones health as lead paint, such a position is one that is held be very few people outside for the microsoft haters club.

    Microsoft is a bu$ine$$, and bu$ine$$e$ are about making money. Sometimes in their aggressiveness bu$ine$$e$ stray over the line. IN the case of microsoft in the 1990’s their practices were deemed hinky enough for the DOJ to pursue a civil suit. During the discover phase for this suit al lot fo documents came out that were not flattering to microsoft.

    The problem I have is that in the end, none of what was discovered mattered legally. Judge Jackson was found to have exceeded his judicial authority and his rulings were set aside. Microsoft signed a consent decree without admitting wrongdoing.

    And that was that.

    Now one CAN treat the microsoft papers as a cautionary tale for how bu$ine$$ practices need to be monitored and kept in check. But thinking that these emails somehow negate his subsequent philanthropy is IMHO bushwah.

    Andrew Carnegie was not a nice man in the bu$ine$$ world, yet I used one of his Libraries that he endowed when he retired and devoted himself to philanthropy.

    As far as my special spelling of business as bu$ine$$ is concerned, I do it here because I consider it a far more accurate descriptive of companies and their behavior than M$ ever will be.

  4. oldman says:

    “Time spent patching, re-re-rebooting, dodging malware and re-installing is time wasted”

    Granted. But so is having to re-invent and maintain the wheel
    “Folks who do use PCs to make money may find that a few hundred dollars per year is an acceptable expense.”

    I doubt it Pog. It has been my experience that even the best desktop oriented Linux distro eventually needs some bit of arcane maintenance., and it has been my experience that most people who have grown up with point and click pc maintenance, get very impatient very quickly with crapt-gets at a command line. And I have actually had the unpleasant experience of coming to the rescue of someone who went outside of the repository to do their own install of a version of a package not yet supported.

    “HEY! I am an old fart! Proud of it, too.

    Based on some of the tasks that you have described over time related to living in the canadian north, I think that you are one “old fart” who could give the who bunch of us younger farts(Myself included) a run for our money.

  5. Thank you, Yonah. It’s good to be appreciated.

  6. Yonah says:

    I don’t think anyone hates FLOSS, rather the FLOSS advocates who believe everyone else should embrace the software they consider to the best. My favorite types are those who consider proprietary software to be immoral.

  7. oe says:

    “Whatever time they spend on putting diapers on that other OS is wasted time”…I like that one, like “paving over”

  8. Dann says:

    It seems that a lot of people who tend to affiliate or protect Microsoft seem to go along these lines:

    “the vast majority of x users don’t care about y , they care about z”

    Because obviously one person can put words in the mouths of millions of others, right? Sure, we all do it at some point, so it would be hypocritical to look down on you, oldman, but surely you understand this is a weak argument.

    I’d love to assume everyone wants FLOSS software because it has the greatest benefit to those who use it. But some people hate it because a) they cannot protect their own code that they want secret and b) because they don’t know about it, or they have misconceptions about it.

    Mr. Chapman invalidated your argument, yet you call him snarky? How about a rebuttal, or perhaps an admission that your argument was poor?

    As for it being “old news”, sometimes we need to remind ourselves of history in order not to repeat it.

    World War 2 is old news, yet they teach it in high schools. Why is that?

  9. Richard Chapman says:

    I’m not a good dancer and I don’t wish to start now. Anyone care to dance to the Microsoft Security Rumba? I notice whenever that tune plays the Microsoft faithful are nowhere to be seen on the dance floor.

  10. HEY! I am an old fart! Proud of it, too.

  11. Alex says:

    Oldman, since you like to turn to the person when your points are attacked, then you too are an old fart that comes only to insert his venom here.

    There. How do you like that Mr. Oldman? Your level of debate sucks. Attack the logic, not the person, and you will get better treatment next time.

  12. oldman wrote:“they care about what they are getting productivity-wise from their software”

    What I see people getting in productivity is negative. Time spent patching, re-re-rebooting, dodging malware and re-installing is time wasted. The majority of people do not use PCs to make money but to connect, communicate and find information. Whatever time they spend on putting diapers on that other OS is wasted time. Folks who do use PCs to make money may find that a few hundred dollars per year is an acceptable expense. They should worry that their competition, using FLOSS, may be more efficient and therefor more competitive. I laugh when I read that some businesses budget $1k+ annually to keep their PCs working. With FLOSS it can be done for much less.

  13. oldman says:

    “The world should know the company that runs IT.”

    the vast majority of commercial software users done care about 15+ year machinations, they care about what they are getting productivity-wise from their software.
    Besides, whether you like it or not, nothing actionable of consequence that stood up on judicial review ever came out of DOJ vs. Microsoft. So while none of this shows microsoft in a particularly great light, its just bu$ine$$.

    “Lead paint is poisonous and harmful to your health. That’s old news too.”

    You seem to be very good at drive-by snarky comments Mr. Chapman. Yet you run away when someone asks you a real question. I note that you never answered my questions about function Mr. Chapman? Care to do so now?

  14. Richard Chapman says:

    Lead paint is poisonous and harmful to your health. That’s old news too.

  15. I disagree. The world should know the company that runs IT. GROKLAW is doing the world a service by OCRing those old documents. Now Google can find them. M$ does provide some service but people should know that M$ charges excessively (because that service can be had for much less from others) and others are doing a lot of work for M$ for free. In the example above, M$ wanted Intel to reward OEMs for having a sticker from M$. If you want to work for me for free, come on by. I can give you lots to do. There’s a snowstorm coming tonight. If you could arrive tomorrow morning …

  16. oldman says:

    Old news and irrelevant Pog.

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