The Land of The Free in 2011

According to StatCounter, MacOS is gradually taking share from that other OS in North America.That’s about the only place in the world MacOS is popular in terms of units. I guess it’s a commentary on people wanting to spend money for IT they could get for $0 if they only knew. Perhaps it’s a commentary on people not knowing.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Operating System Market Share

See also Royal Pingdom on the global distribution of MacOS love. We know from SEC filings that Apple only sells about 16 million units annually so there aren’t many left for other parts of the world. Fully 1/3 of Mac sales are in the Americas.

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  1. oe says:

    Linux had out-maced the mac for some years now. That being said in America Linux’s greatest hurdle to wider adoption is precisely is that it is free and so everything thinks “cheap”, “crappy”, etc. Its why,when asked giving a CD I stated that “it’s pirated” to avoid such bias from creeping in. I have had old apple hardware in the past it does fail often, but when it does go south it is pain to deal with.

  2. Of all the hundreds of people I know only one or two use Macs. Of my relatives only one person uses a Mac.

    Outside of North America and Europe only a tiny percentage use Macs.

    I find it puzzling that folks who could/should use good IT accept a *NIX OS from Apple while few in the sample from StatCounter use GNU/Linux. The desktop stuff in GNU/Linux certainly is ready for the ordinary user but I guess until it is widely available in retail the uptake will still grow gradually. I still am not convinced that StatCounterl, like Net Applications have a reasonable sample of humanity even though there are a large number of hits/sites. We can tell that from how the Apple numbers are so far from the SEC filing numbers.

    I have read that some go to Apple thinking Macs are trouble-free. That is not always the case.

  3. Schwabe says:

    I’ve definitely witnessed this Mac phenomena first hand. You see them more and more – what has surprised me the most is the amount of ‘converted’ hackers & nerds now using Mac OS…

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