First Day of Actions/Intentions Under UN Resolution

Quoting from Al Jazeera:

David Cameron, the UK’s prime minister, says that his country will deploy Tornadoes and Typhoon aircraft in a Libya operation.”

Tornadoes should be able to do the job. So should the Typhoon.

Revolutionaries are making attempts to open the border with Tunisia and Misurata is holding out.

According to the BBC:
“1156: Belgium’s European Affairs Minister Olivier Chastel tells the AFP news agency his country will contribute six F-16 fighter planes and a frigate to the operation to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya.”

Gaddafi’s bombers have been active between Ajdabiya and Benghazi and at Misurata. This looks like a definite challenge of the “no-fly” zone. This comes at the same time as Gaddafi’s
mouthpiece stated:
“Libya has decided an immediate ceasefire, and the stoppage of all military operations.”

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If the resolution has any meaning, the on-going use of artillery against Misurata should be a target with high priority.

Artillery fire has been widely deployed against revolutionaries so the world is dismissing Gaddafi’s words-only cease-fire.

Italy will actively participate and permit use of its territory for bases. Combined with aerial refueling the bases in the region and aircraft carriers should permit hundreds of modern planes to reach Libya.

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7 Responses to First Day of Actions/Intentions Under UN Resolution

  1. The USA, with its beloved “two party system”, is quite vulnerable to pressure groups such as Israel brings to bear. If you need 1% of the vote to be in power, you are more easily influenced.

  2. “How is that double standard maintained? Is it because USA is Israel’s bitch?”

    No doubt “international public opinion” will sooner or later be the death of Israel, just as it has been for Gaddafi’s Libya. You only ever hear one side of the story from the Western media, so of course the Israelis always look bad.

    “Or is it because Jews control USA AND Israel?”

    …do you realise just how crazy this sounds?

  3. That’s a big question. The US position on Palestine is untenable IMHO. Israel is being allowed to carve up Palestine and build permanent settlements on it, a combination of ethnic cleansing and violation of human rights. Gaddafi got away with things for 40 years and Israel has been doing similar things since before 1948, yet the US vetoes resolutions condemning Israel.

  4. Bender says:

    Could someone tell me how is it that the West helps the revolutionaries etc. while in Palestine they allow for all kinds of masacres with internationally forbidden weapons, taking over homes, taking over the land. How is that double standard maintained? Is it because USA is Israel’s bitch? Or is it because Jews control USA AND Israel? As long as Kaddafi was selling oil for West everything was alright. I smell something fishy here, there is some higher purpose for all of this…

  5. Ray says:

    Maybe he’s luring them in…

  6. While he seems crazy to us all this has a strategy. Calling a cease-fire while there is no cease-fire wastes people’s time so he can stay in power another day. It’s just like the monopoly, delay works to his advantage. He does not care about the loss of life or other normal considerations. It’s all about power and keeping it. The people loyal to him believe he can pull it off again. This is the same guy who was a terrorist decades ago but recently wined-and-dined by the world. His status quo can last for many months even with concerted efforts by the world. Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, etc. all have this psychosis. They feel their nation should die for them, out of respect.

  7. Brian Page says:

    I don’t understand Gaddafi’s motivation here.
    He’s fighting to keep a hold of a fist full of sand (figuratively speaking).
    He’s backed into a corner with a variety of enemies before him.
    I don’t know what he has to gain by his actions.

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