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Firing Up the Beast

I fired up my quad-core, AMD64 server today. I want to do some work with virtual machines and it has the hardware. It was running Debian Lenny so I apt-get dist-upgraded it after getting the new Debian archive keyring and … Continue reading

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First Day of Actions/Intentions Under UN Resolution

Quoting from Al Jazeera: “1:12pm David Cameron, the UK’s prime minister, says that his country will deploy Tornadoes and Typhoon aircraft in a Libya operation.” Tornadoes should be able to do the job. So should the Typhoon. Revolutionaries are making … Continue reading

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11 Years of Linux at IBM

Last year, Dan Frye gave a keynote about how IBM got involved in Linux and how IBM changed and changed Linux. The process started in 1998 and by 2004/5 Linux was ready for anything. That was the time period my … Continue reading

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