Tsunami of Malware

Panda Labs reports that new malware counts have risen 26% in the last quarter, coming to 73000 new malwares per day. By comparison, in the whole of 2010 only 310 new malwares were discovered for MacOS. Do you feel lucky, user of that other OS? Well do you?

Knowing that M$ normally patches once a month and that in that month 2 million new malwares are out there would not make me feel lucky… On the other hand, Debian GNU/Linux is patched as needed when needed.

Thanks to Richard Chapman for the link to 40th anniversary of the computer virus. It’s a good read.

I remember my first virus. My son who was just a kid at the time “tried it out”. Fortunately it was easily cleaned manually as long as I edited every file compiled and deleted every binary built over a period of weeks… Kids…

Viruses were pretty much a nuisance until a good chunk of users of PCs got broadband and “always on” connections. It’s been a rear-guard action ever since.

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