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Oh, Please! Not More FUD!

Would you believe it? Folks are claiming that software that uses the Linux API violates the GPL… The API is obviously open. In a *NIX system one needs those symbols to write drivers and libraries that use the services provided … Continue reading

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Prospect of Hot War Near Libya

The “no-fly zone” proposal seems to be growing legs at the UN security council. There is a liklihood of its approval within a few hours. Al Jazeera quotes Gaddafi’s ministry of propaganda: “7:21pm The official Jana news agency reports that … Continue reading

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Green IT

By “Green IT”, I mean information technology that minimizes the cost to the environment (resources, waste, energy consumption, noise, heat) while doing what we need done. The Wintel treadmill has tended to do violence to all of those considerations. For … Continue reading

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Tsunami of Malware

Panda Labs reports that new malware counts have risen 26% in the last quarter, coming to 73000 new malwares per day. By comparison, in the whole of 2010 only 310 new malwares were discovered for MacOS. Do you feel lucky, … Continue reading

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