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There She Blows

As a result of an earthquake NE of Japan, grid power was disrupted and a tsunami flooded the diesel backup generators at the Fukushima nuclear power facility. After several days of struggling to cool the reactors, staff have been withdrawn. … Continue reading

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Why IE6 Thrives in China

No, it’s not illegal copying that keeps IE6 going in China. Surely illegal copiers would choose something better to copy. According to Net Applications IE6 has a higher proportion of usage than any other country save S. Korea which is … Continue reading

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One of a Thousand Cuts or Decapitation?

Wintel has received another blow, from Intel this time. As Microsoft has announced its Windows operating system will add support for ARM-based platforms, Intel has recently decided to cooperate with Taiwan-based notebook makers including Inventec and Compal Electronics to push … Continue reading

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