Libya: Defence in Depth and Manoeuvre

Finally the revolutionaries are getting some semblance of command and control and putting thought into engaging the enemy on more advantageous terms by manoeuvring at night and creating defensive positions…

From Al Jazeera:
Major General, Omar Al Hariri, the military chief of the interim national council told Al Jazeera how his forces were able to take Brega back last evening.

“Today, the armed forces and the revolutionary youth have reorganised and maneuvered the Gaddafi forces, which are weak because they are not fighting for a cause.

“Most of the Gaddafi forces are mercenaries, who are fighting for money. Therefore, they were very weak and the revolutionary forces were able to kill and capture so many of them.

“The revolutionary forces were then able to enter Brega and to push Gaddafi forces to outside of Brega and Aqaila. They are now taking fortified defensive positions in Aqaila.”

That’s refreshing news instead of attrition and parading in broad daylight for Gaddafi’s air-force. While they were at it, they set up some ambushes as well. Amen. If you have a small but determined force, that’s how to multiply your effect for minimum cost.

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