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Yet Another Armed PC

Two in fact. Genesi makes a nettop and a smartbook both with 800MHz FreeScale CPU and Ubuntu 10.10. $129 for the nettop and $199 for the smartbook. That is competitive in price/performance. Too bad it’s not the latest dual core … Continue reading

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More Than 137 Million Reasons The Monopoly is OVER

“IDC expects smartphone shipments to hit 137 million units in 2011, the first time for shipments to break the 100 million mark in the Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region.” As we have seen smartphones are much more than telephones without … Continue reading

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How The Mighty Art Fallen

Once upon a time there was a corporation which sought to have its product on every hard drive on every personal computer to the exclusion of all other similar products. M$ almost succeeded. They reached over 90% share of web-connected … Continue reading

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