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Consequences of a Tangled Web

Software should be clean and simple. That way you can do what you want to do or change what you want to change with a minimum of complications. In a recent article by SJVN about InternetExploder 9 64bitness it was … Continue reading

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Libya: Tactics

The EU, Arab Union and African Union will put their heads together in the coming week to discuss positions and responses to the situation in Libya. Gaddafi could attempt to retake as much territory as possible in the meantime hoping … Continue reading

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So Many Layers of Security, So Many Holes in Each Layer

At Pwn2Own an attacker used a chain of three exploits to penetrate three levels of security around InternetExploder8. It took him weeks to get around randomized location of software but he did. Others might see this as reason to add … Continue reading

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Munich’s Migration To GNU/Linux – Latest

I love numbers. Unless you can describe something in numbers, “knowledge is of an uncertain kind”. Here are some more numbers from the Munich migration: In 2010, 5000 PCs were migrated. By 2009, all 15000 PCs were converted to OpenOffice.org. … Continue reading

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