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Kerala Continues to Exploit FLOSS

Kerala, India, has deployed GNU/Linux widely in schools. Now it’s the turn of the politicians. They have supplied themselves with laptops loaded with Ubuntu GNU/Linux and saved thousands of dollars in licensing fees. They gave back some of that for … Continue reading

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April, 2011 – The Month The Desktop Changes

CompuLab/Trim Slice plans to ship a desktop PC that fits in your hand with Ubuntu GNU/Linux. $250 – $350 retail Wholesale less than $200 It comes in two models, one with a 2.5 inch hard drive and one thinner model … Continue reading

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Hey Dell! GNU/Linux Runs on ARM servers!

Dell said “Are there enough benefits from that architecture for porting your code over to that new instruction set […] and [having to] maintain two different software stacks?“ What porting? GNU/Linux already runs on ARM. PHP and MySQL already run … Continue reading

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The Life of A PC

Business in particular has clung to the notion that PCs age and should be replaced periodically for efficiency and keeping up with current software and hardware. That notion changes severely when PCs are thin clients. With a thin client, the … Continue reading

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Libya: Revolutionaries Learning On the Job

Jacky Rowland of Al Jazeera took a close look at fighting around Ras Lanuf. Gaddafi’s bombers attacked an oil-storage facility and she approached to take a close look. Gaddafi’s boys moved in and so did the revolutionaries. It was rockets … Continue reading

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