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You Can Do What!? With a Smartphone!?

There are so many angles to these smartphones. We see them sell as phones, personal computes, GPS units, gaming consoles, inducements for banks, ISPs and cellphone networks, hundreds of thousands of applications, weird input devices that know which way is … Continue reading

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The 80/20 Rule For Tablets

The 80/20 rule of thumb for any organization states that 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people involved. It could be that this rule applies to tablet PCs. While tablets are obviously great for consumers of … Continue reading

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Libya: “No-fly” Limited in Effect?

With Gaddafi’s jets bombing oil refineries, storage facilities and water supplies, the Obama regime has decided a no-fly zone would have “limited effect”. They are correct. It would limit Gaddafi’s effects on Libyans. That’s the purpose of the concept. “2:48am … Continue reading

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WebOS on Every PC Says Apotheker of HP

I was quite impressed by HP’s announcement of WebOS and now there is an article on BusinessWeek outlining more of the strategy. Apotheker says HP is done the cost-cutting. The largest/highest-volume OEM in the world is going to put WebOS … Continue reading

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