Libya: Report on the Battle for Az Zawiyah

A reporter for Sky News went into the thick of it in Az Zawiyah. I have never seen a reporter more unconcerned for safety and the reporter is a woman, the fairer sex…

see Sky News

If Alex Crawford survives events, someone should give her a medal. She goes everywhere: peaceful protestors marching and fired upon by Gaddafi’s elite forces, riding in an ambulance with one of the wounded to check out a hospital’s trauma rooms, riding around town in a thin-skinned vehicle as Gaddafi attacks in force, and being close enough to the paths of bullets to hear the “buzz”. She does all this without a quiver in her voice. Most people would wet themselves.

The army of Gaddafi seems unable to make a dent in the city. The army is too small and the defenders too dedicated. The defenders gather equipment and ammunition from the attacking forces. They have had a few soldiers defect to their side as well. Don’t believe Gaddafi’s stories that he has control of Az Zawiyah.

Thanks to Alex Crawford, we know what is happening.

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