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Recent Tablet Shows ARM Advantage Over Atom

The Register has a review of a tablet distributed by Dixon’s a chain in the UK. The tablet is a bit unusual: 16:9 screen is best used in landscape, and Android 2.2 instead of 3.0. Price is good at 250 … Continue reading

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Fishnet Armour

Where I worked previously, the default configuration of the Sophos software was to block anything MediaPlayer did. I deleted it entirely from our images and installed VLC in its place. Now we read that there is once again a simple … Continue reading

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Libya: Report on the Battle for Az Zawiyah

A reporter for Sky News went into the thick of it in Az Zawiyah. I have never seen a reporter more unconcerned for safety and the reporter is a woman, the fairer sex… see Sky News If Alex Crawford survives … Continue reading

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