Struggling to Cope with 1gB of RAM…

The Register has an article about a small cheap computer from Toshiba. One of the main conclusions appears on the first page:
“Today, that means a 1.66GHz Atom N455. Released almost a year ago, the 45nm N455 is a two-core, four-thread part with a graphics core, the GMA 3150, built into the CPU module. It supports 800MHz DDR 2 memory, of which Toshiba has included a gigabyte in the NB500.

It’s really not enough, not with all the utilities Toshiba pre-installs. Run more than an app or two, and Windows 7 Starter’s Task Manager will show the amount of free physical memory plunging to zero. Not that you’ll need to check, the feel of the system – windows that take seconds to show their own contents rather than that of windows underneath them – tells you this is a machine struggling to cope.”
If I wanted a small cheap computer, instead of shipping it with “7 starter”, ship it with GNU/Linux, please. Older PCs with 256/512 MB or RAM fly by comparison with GNU/Linux. Why burden this modern but low end PC with “7”? I have installed GNU/Linux on several Atomic netbooks and they flew well.

Why Toshiba is producing a netbook in this age trying to cater to the low end market is beyond me. M$ cannot compete on price/performance in any range let alone the low end. Perhaps M$ does not charge much for the licence but neither does GNU/Linux. When will OEMs realize that what is selling like hotcakes on smart thingies will sell on PCs?

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  1. nightgoblin says:

    That’s funny. I used to run Debian (and Ubuntu) with GNOME configured to look exactly the same as Winslows[sic] 7 on a machine with similar specs: Atom N270 (single core but hyperthreading), 1 GB ram, GMA 950. It was just as snappy as default GNOME, in fact, faster than stripped down Winslows XP on the same machine.

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