Netbooks Again With Linux – ASUS

I was very disappointed when ASUS sold out to M$ to remove Linux from the eeePC, but there is hope. An interview with ASUS revealed that ASUS will release a netbook with Meego and a netbook with Android/Linux in the next quarter.
“And what about alternative operating systems for laptops? Will Asus support MeeGo, Android and others?
We are actively working with Intel, and since April to June are planning to submit its first netbook MeeGo. The model will be on the Atom. Moreover, there will be another model on the Atom, but with Android. Today, thanks to Windows netbooks have become mini-laptops. And alternative OS narrowed focus functionality and devices to the Internet – that is, we again obtain the original idea of the netbook.”

See (Russian, English translation by Google)

That’s great news. Perhaps we will see these on retail shelves around here. Too bad ASUS didn’t use ARM. That would be even better.

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  1. lefty.crupps says:

    > Today, thanks to Windows netbooks have
    > become mini-laptops

    Actually, they always were mini laptops, and with a good Linux install they were more useful than a Windows-based machine (if one took the time to learn a Linux GUI). But the outdated, hacked-together Xandros setup that the original EeePCs had installed indeed limited their usability.

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