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Making Trash Look Fast

I have known for years that typical PCs running that other OS are about half as fast as PCs running GNU/Linux. Now M$ admits it’s true. They are selling PCs with no crapware except theirs and, of course, they do … Continue reading

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Netbooks Again With Linux – ASUS

I was very disappointed when ASUS sold out to M$ to remove Linux from the eeePC, but there is hope. An interview with ASUS revealed that ASUS will release a netbook with Meego and a netbook with Android/Linux in the … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 11.04 – Natty Narwhale

After reading SJVN’s article about upcoming releases of Ubuntu, I thought I would take a closer look at the “enemy”, a new UI and non-X GNU/Linux. You see, I have been perfectly satisfied with GNU/Linux for the last ten years, … Continue reading

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Lies, Damned Lies and Steve Jobs

Seth Weintraub makes minced meat of some of the bullet-points of Jobs introduction of the iPad 2. No doubt Apple makes a decent product, but why do they have to lie? Lying is a no-no in technological evangelism.

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Struggling to Cope with 1gB of RAM…

The Register has an article about a small cheap computer from Toshiba. One of the main conclusions appears on the first page: “Today, that means a 1.66GHz Atom N455. Released almost a year ago, the 45nm N455 is a two-core, … Continue reading

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Servers and Desktops

Many people accept that GNU/Linux has a place on the server but not on personal computers. I don’t understand that. A recent article in The Register describes the average costs of a data-centre: “servers account for 50 percent of the … Continue reading

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