M$ Going to a Gun-fight With a Knife

IE will not be fully patched in time for Pwn2Own next week. Let’s see. Hundreds of millions of PCs run IE and all the malware artists in the world will have IE’s downfall demonstrated in public… It boggles my mind that people run that software and M$ cares so little about the security of a necessarily-networked application.

Let me count the ways this situation is like flesh-eating disease:

  1. the tools used by the end-user become suicidal,
  2. left untreated death is inevitable,
  3. anti-malware may be useless, and
  4. ordinary, daily activities become dangerous.

In some cases the only treatment is amputation. Get rid of that other OS and its browser before it kills you and your PC.

Even if you feel lucky and this problem will not cause you harm, think what it says about your relationship with M$:

  • M$ is not your friend,
  • M$ is not a reliable supplier,
  • M$ does not effectively support the products you buy from them,
  • at any price IE and that other OS are not cost-effective, and
  • de-lousing and re-installing that other OS makes you a slave of M$. You are doing their work and paying them for the privilege.

Instead of (re-)installing/choosing that other OS, use GNU/Linux, an operating system that is not out to get you.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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13 Responses to M$ Going to a Gun-fight With a Knife

  1. Multiple Sclerosis Fighter says:

    Mike, you really are a pissed (drunk).

    Never complained about MY price. I just DON’T need support from Apple!

    Perhaps you should try the competition. Perhaps even linux… Someday… When you have a job… Other than fudding for M$…

    Probably my BB comment irked you too?

  2. nightgoblin says:

    Multiple Sclerosis Fighter,
    I’m not sure what’s your angle, but someone who calles GNU/Linux users freetards earns no respect from me.

  3. Bender says:

    I see Robert that you became a target of Microsoft. That means you ARE making a difference and they are feeling threatened πŸ™‚

    Good to know, that is the last stage in “Ghandi law” πŸ˜‰

  4. Mike Hunt says:

    But personally, M$ support is just too expensive

    I thought I’d heard it all and then I heard a supposed Mac user complaining about price. Then I realized that you’re just posing as a Mac user. No Mac user in their right mind would say something like this. Nice try FOSSy

  5. Dann says:


    One only has to look at the vulnerability reports that come out for Microsoft to know how shakey it stands.


    for example.

    Oracle, google, M$, and Adobe are big masses of bugs, generally.

  6. “The common folk that I know who use that other OS”

    OH TEH NOES VOLDERMORT(TM)! The OS that must not be named! Run children and don’t say Balmer three times in a mirror or he will pop out and eat your very soul!

    “…and donÒ€ℒt know how to fix anything make regular trips to a fixit shop where they pay out $100 or so. The ones up North pay $200 for freight or pester someone to carry the machine as luggage.”

    lol bullshit

  7. The common folk that I know who use that other OS and don’t know how to fix anything make regular trips to a fixit shop where they pay out $100 or so. The ones up North pay $200 for freight or pester someone to carry the machine as luggage. I fixed a bunch of PCs where I was last year and only twice was the problem hardware. I had a large number of machines in the school running GNU/Linux and none of them failed due to software.

  8. Multiple Sclerosis Fighter says:

    My preferred operating system at home is the MAC. That’s just my preference. (Speaking of Apple, I’ll be dumping the BB for an iPhone soon.)

    Linux is a close second… I’m an average hobbyist…

    But for the rest of the brainless world, the M-nazi-S OS should be just fine.

    Many people commonly hate windows. I don’t. But personally, M$ support is just too expensive/sounds like it comes from some bloke in India/never works.

    Like they say, if you can’t get a Mac, then get a nazi (MicroShaft) clone.

    And, if you can’t get the winblows OS, then become a freetard, download some linux and that’ll just have to do. Usually it does πŸ˜‰

  9. oldman says:

    “My users gave up nothing to go to GNU/Linux.”

    Your users were using an obsolete version of windows on old junk hardware in an environment that lacked a proper IT budget. IN that context, what you have them was far more functional. I am not surprise that they thankes you, but as to your assertion that they gave up nothing, that is your opinion.

    Had the institution that you worked in been blessed with properly sized new systems running a shipping version of windows, your users would have been far less likely to take you up on your solution.

  10. Where I worked last year, everyone had experienced the pain of malware and were mostly quite happy with GNU/Linux. They have been using GNU/Linux for over a year now and have had no malware on 75 PCs. Every PC running that other OS seemed to be knocked up every few months on average. We did improve reliability by various means but we could not eliminate the malware and slowing down. My users gave up nothing to go to GNU/Linux.

  11. oldman says:


    So the existence of these exploits on ones system it tantamount to it being compromised, eh Pog? I think it is much more complicated that that. Those of use who use either Chrome or Firefox are already covered by a patch and house of use who practice the defense in depth that is part of computing on ANY platform these days.

    But once again you gloss over the problem here. Any one who follows your suggestion and converts to a Linux desktop gets to dump all of their applications. If the FOSS workalikes suit there needs, perhaps the conversion will work. If the application one needs to run is not available, then no such conversion is possible and the true solution is to take the necessary precautions and exercise common sense.

    In the end Pog, IMHO this is pure fear mongering that is so over the top that you are not going to convince anyone but those who are of like mind to you to take it seriously.

  12. How many botnets depended on FF to start compared to IE?

  13. Mike Hunt says:

    Right, because I mean FOSS browsers such as Firefox have never had any security issues and have never been at the forefront of security laden issues:


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