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Hot-heads Rule in Libya

After lifting the seige at Marsa al Burayqha young hot-heads loaded up pick-ups and headed down the road to Ras Lanuf to push Gaddafi’s supporters further away from Benghazi. Thankfullly, some cooler head suggested getting off the main road giving … Continue reading

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Upgrading PCs

An article on upgrading PCs made me chuckle. The result was spending dollars per percent of improvement in performance. They have no clue because they assumed M$ and that other OS was part of the solution. They are the problem … Continue reading

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Diversifying Computing Needs

The evolution of smart-thingies is now predicted to affect the PC market according to Gartner. They predict that folks will allow notebooks to age as they consider tablets and smartphones as personal computing devices.

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M$ Going to a Gun-fight With a Knife

IE will not be fully patched in time for Pwn2Own next week. Let’s see. Hundreds of millions of PCs run IE and all the malware artists in the world will have IE’s downfall demonstrated in public… It boggles my mind … Continue reading

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