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Swiss Supremes Re-invent Catch-22

Catch-22 was a work of fiction about a guy who could not win because there were rules against that. Now the Swiss Supreme Court has ruled that the lower court erred by not allowing FLOSS providers to object to giving … Continue reading

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Is Australia the Most Expensive Place to Buy That Other OS?

A comment on Groklaw alerted me to the fact that M$ raised prices in Australia when Australia’s currency was low but has not dropped prices now that the currency is on par with US$. The current price of “7” Ultimate … Continue reading

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Kansas City Enters the 21st Century

The USA, in spite of wealth and ingenuity, is sadly lacking in technical excellence in IT. They have saddled themselves with the burden of supporting Wintel instead of innovating. Google and Kansas City have a joint project to change things. … Continue reading

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Puzzle, Anyone?

I stumbled upon a puzzle. The greatest minds consulted by the FBI could not solve it. It is not certain that two notes are not just gibberish but the FBI wants them decrypted if possible to solve a crime.

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Google on the State of FLOSS

Google knows what’s out there. That knowledge is what they give away in order to collect revenue on ads. Part of their knowledge is the state of FLOSS and they shared that at a conference: “DiBona said that according to … Continue reading

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Google and Freedom to Search

Search engines are a necessary part of the web. They shift the burden from users of the web to scan IP address space for servers. M$ and many others laughed at Google for creating a business of providing search as … Continue reading

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AndArm? GArm? How to Name the New Platform.

Just as IBM and Intel made x86 a standard of which that other OS became a part. Google and ARM appear to seek standardization of Android 3 + ARM. This could be a good thing as it will reduce time … Continue reading

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Change at Acer

2010 was tough for Acer. They slipped a bit in market share. The netbook stalled where they had been a leader. Now

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Some People Don’t Love Small Cheap Computers

They want a hair-drier on every desk. Ars Technica is an example. Their “budget box” comes to $700+ including accessories. They even manage to spend about as much on a video card as on the motherboard and CPU… Don’t even … Continue reading

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EU Caves In To M$

The rascals are migrating thousands of PCs to that other OS v “7” in spite of promoting openness, and FLOSS, without a tender. RedHat is ticked off as they should be. They do desktops too. The reason for the lack … Continue reading

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“App Store” is Generic but “that other OS” is not says M$

M$ that named its flagship product after holes in the wall has interceded at the USPTO claiming “app store” is generic and Apple should not be allowed to register the trademark. Of course this is the pot calling the kettle … Continue reading

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Android/Linux Predicted to have a Near-Monopoly of Smartphones by 2015

That’s in spite of rapid growth by M$’s Phoney “7”. Turnabout is fair play. see The Register IDC predicts growth of smart phones will be about 50% in 2011 “Android is poised to take over as the leading smartphone operating … Continue reading

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