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Possible Actions in Libya

Al Jazeera reports that “conservatives” in USA are recommending “military intervention”. The concern seems to be that this could be a repeat of Iraq.

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I was reading one of M$’s glowing reports of how the City of Sudbury moved everyone to Office and lived happily ever-after. The city amalgamated and it was natural to consider moving everyone to a single platform to make IT … Continue reading

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IcedRobot or Cool Android/Linux

One of the things that will help end-users get ARM going on their ordinary personal computers is the love of GNU/Linux or Android/Linux. There are moves to port Android to x86 but now there is IcedRobot which seeks to create … Continue reading

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What the Libyans Want

There is chaos in Libya with food shortages imminent. Rather than the sanctions against Libya that some are asking of the UN and countries, consider what Libyans who are getting organized around Benghazi are asking: A statement from The Network … Continue reading

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