ARM Ships Billions of Chips but IDC Doesn’t Count Them

In a year in which HP and M$ both announced intent to ship personal computing products with ARM processors, IDC still does not count them
“Looking at processor shipments by form factor, during the year 2010 mobile PC processor unit shipments grew 26.2%, x86 server processor unit shipments grew 28.1%, and desktop processor unit shipments grew 6.2%. Mobile PC processors, which represented 50.2% of all PC processors shipped in 2009, represented 54.1% of processors in 2010.”

Well, IDC, some mobile processors are ARM. Why not count them? What’s holding you back?
IDC’s forecast for year-over-year growth in PC (mobile, desktop, x86 server) microprocessor unit shipments is 10.1% in 2011. “Corporate spending continues to drive spending on server platforms and commercial clients,” added Rau. “However, the affects of emerging devices, like media tablets, and economic concerns in Europe and the U.S., lead us to be conservative in our overall outlook.”

With ARM shipping billions of units annually and approaching 100 million personal computing devices, I should think ARM will be having an impact on personal computing in 2011.

Does anyone doubt that consumers and businesses will find uses for these gadgets? The ability to connect to large screens and keyboards means these devices can do anything most people want from a personal computer.

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4 Responses to ARM Ships Billions of Chips but IDC Doesn’t Count Them

  1. roberto says:

    don’t they already have one of the top 5 supercomputers? wait that’s nvidia’s tesla, maybe that’s not arm 🙂

    I was reading (even on this blog I think) that arm chips @ 20nm are selling for less than a buck a piece .. which is interesting since it sounded vaguely like old news and right now only pilot lines are at 20nm, so no one should be selling anything that small .. by they time you can buy 1000 millimeter-sized pc-ish processors for under a $1000, they will definitely be in massively parallel environments 😛

  2. I expect they will get knocked down to “normal” size. They have enough money and manpower to become whatever they want but the monopoly stuff is on its way out.

  3. Dann says:

    The forebearers of ARM may find themselves with most of the market before long, so there is much incentive to break these barriers before another architecture or computing experience starts taking away that market share.

    Having a massively multicore ARM system would really bring in the enthusiasts.
    Obviously servers are covered for their low wattage, as are phones, netbooks and tablets.

    M$ is going to get trampled.

  4. Richard Chapman says:

    They really don’t want this revolution to happen. The vested interests are using every nasty they can to stop progress. It’s not stopping it but it is blocking its natural growth. At some point their powers won’t be able to contain it. That’s when the fireworks happen. It doesn’t have to be a catastrophic change but Microsoft and their collaborators leave no other way forward. When the truth about Microsoft finally comes out even their most ardent foes will be shocked.

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