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Monopoly and Tyranny: Two Faces of Evil

The past few weeks have focussed the world on tyranny as one Arab tyranical regime after another was brought to heel by their citizens. In IT we have tyrants of our own: M$, Oracle, Apple among others. Common characteristics of … Continue reading

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Government Seeing the Value of FLOSS

There’s news that the UK is asking IT providers to offer FLOSS solutions: “The Message of the day was simple, and delivered with panache by Deputy Government CIO Bill McCluggage and other members of the Open Source team in the … Continue reading

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Paving the Last PC with Debian GNU/Linux

My wife was the last holdout but even she could no longer love/hate XP after it slowed down for the umpteenth time and started freezing daily. Re-installing that other OS did no appeal to me and my son who has … Continue reading

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