Munich Continues to Migrate to GNU/Linux

The English page lacks this entry from the German page:
“München, 28.01.2011 – Zielmarke von 5.000 LiMux-Arbeitsplätzen erreicht: Pünktlich zum Jahresende 2010 war es soweit. In der Branddirektion wurde der stadtweit 5.000. PC Arbeitsplatz auf das neue LiMux-Betriebssystem umgestellt. Auch im Rundfunk (B5 aktuell, Computermagazin) erschien am 30.01. ein Beitrag zum Projekt LiMux, der hier als Podcast zu hören ist, unser Beitrag* startet in Minute 15:10. (Bitte bedenken Sie, dass nicht jeder Arbeitsplatz mit integrierten Lautsprechern ausgestattet ist.) * Quelle: Bayerischer Rundfunk, B5 aktuell, das Computermagazin – 30.01.2011.”

München, 01.12.2010 – Wir haben für Sie einen Pressespiegel angelegt, in dem Artikel rund um das Projekt LiMux veröffentlicht werden.

München, 19.11.2010 – Die Webseiten für den WollMux unter sind derzeit nicht erreichbar. Die Dokumentation (Wiki)ist unter abrufbar.

Wer sich näher für den WollMux interessiert, kann ihn sich herunter laden: id=11; der Quelltext ist unter auffindbar.

München, 19.11.2010 – Am 16./17. November fand der Kongress für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung (OOoKWV) in München statt. Hier erfahren Sie mehr dazu.

München, 14.11.2010 – Am 16./17. November findet der Kongress für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung (OOoKWV) in München statt. Die Landeshauptstadt München bringt als gastgebende Mitveranstalterin des diesjährigen Kongresses ihre positiven Erfahrungen im Umgang mit der freien Office Suite ein:

The Google Translation of a recent page of press releases shows the Fire Department has been migrated:
“Munich, 01.28.2011 – target of 5,000 jobs LiMux achieved: time for the end of 2010 it was time. In the fire department, the city-wide 5,000. PC work on the new operating system LiMux changed. Also on the radio (B5-date, computer magazine) was published on 30.01. a contribution to the project LiMux, here as podcast to hear is, our contribution * starts to minute 15:10. (Please keep in mind that not all jobs speakers is equipped with built-in.) * Source: Bayerischer Rundfunk, B5-date, the computer magazine – 30.01.2011.

Munich, 01.12.2010 – We have a press created in the article about the project LiMux be published.

Munich, 11.19.2010 – The website for the wiki under are currently unavailable. The documentation (Wiki) is under available.

Who is closer to the wiki interested can download it off: id = 11 ; the source code is under referred .

Munich, 11.19.2010 – On 16-17. November, Conference on Economic and Management (OOoKWV) in Munich instead of the. Click to learn more.

Munich, 11.14.2010 – On 16-17. November, Conference on Economic and Management (OOoKWV) in Munich instead of the. The City of Munich brings host co-host this year’s Congress their positive experiences in dealing with the free office suite as a: .”

The Google Translation of a recent press release includes:
“Latest press release dated 28.01.2011 in the town hall Umschau

Just in time for the end of 2010 it happened: In the fire department of the city-wide 5,000. Work on the new PC operating system LiMux changed. So now ten of the 22 areas in the Munich city administration have been fully migrated to Open Source software. “I am delighted that the LiMux project could implement so that the annual target for 2010 in full. The gradual transition to open source-based PC work continues on schedule, “said Mayor Christine IT Strobl, the 5000. LiMux client base during a visit to the fire department handed over personally. “

So, they are all using FLOSS apps and about half the departments are using GNU/Linux. Slowly but surely, the promised migration is happening. The migration project has been extended to 2013 with no additional funds required.

While this glacial pace might be tedious for some, it is far superior to the performance of California trying to rejuvenate its courts’ case management system. That project has been going since 2002 and the revisions to the plan have been happening faster than they could be implemented with very little oversight. $1.75billion and counting for what should be a website and database… It is now projected to take until 2015 to complete. Maybe they should hire some FLOSS programmers to do it right.

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7 Responses to Munich Continues to Migrate to GNU/Linux

  1. Rememberthisone says:

    Watch Ballmer talk about the Munich Linux migration at 9:05 in this interview:

  2. tim says:

    This is what happens when blind ideology gets in the way: lots of time lost and money wasted for nothing.

  3. D-G says:

    “The budget was increased by 5.9 Million Euros as recently as November 2011.”

    Oops, typo. It’s “November 2010”, of course.

    “The budget allocation was just to extend the period of time for the project.”

    Uh, yeah, but the budget increase was not planned for. Neither was the extension of the time frame, nor massive external consulting services provided by IBM.

    The migration was to be finished in 2011. If the press release now states that the conversion of the 5000. workplace happened right on time, then that’s at least an exaggeration if not an outright lie.

    There are 15000 computers in Munich’s administration. All of them were planned to have completed conversion by the end of 2011. The conversion was started in 2007. By now roughly 12000 computers should be running Linux. They don’t. Only 5000 do. An what happened to the 2000 other computers, when the press release suddenly states that 7000 computer remain to be converted? Have they vanished?

    Look at it anyway you want. It’s a failure.

    And by the way: Germany’s Foreign Office has stopped its little Linux experiment. They’ll be back to Windows due to massive user complaints and interoperability problems with the other ministries.

  4. Much of the money slated for training was not needed and was still available for the extension of the project in time. The budget allocation was just to extend the period of time for the project. If they had stuck with that other OS, they would be on their third round of licences as well.

  5. D-G says:

    That’s BS. The budget was increased by 5.9 Million Euros as recently as November 2011. Both the budget increase and the extension of the deadline to 2013 and external consulting through IBM became necessary as the migration was way behind schedule.

    Perhaps you should read the pre-study conducted in 2002 and 2003, which concluded that a Microsoft-based solution was more viable economically. In plain English: a hell of a lot cheaper. Yet Munich decided against it. And now, as citizen of Munich, I’m paying for a useless Linux migration out of my pocket through taxes.

  6. Richard Chapman says:

    I love the Munich story. Especially when some headline appears that seems to dash all hope of Munich switching over to GNU/Linux. The Trolls and Shills come out of the woodwork and are all over it. Every time, it turns out, the false hope was theirs.

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