Bahrain: 2011-2-18

There are reports that military forces had fired on mourners heading for Pearl Roundabout and that the Salmaniya Hospital was overwhelmed with casualties.

see also Reuters

see also CNN

CNN’s reporter, Arwa Damon, was told that soldiers fired into the crowd from the kneeling position and fired at ambulances.

In two days, Bahrain has suffered more deaths and casualties per capita around protests than 18 days in Egypt. This regime is out of control.

The Guardian newspaper has more reports including use of machine guns on armoured personnel carriers. Some reporters describe “firing into the air” but the injuries are not consistent with a projectile falling from a great height. These lethal wounds are caused by high-velocity projectiles. A bullet at terminal velocity is very unlikely to kill. These were aimed shots. This was mass murder and violations of human rights.

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