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Libya: 2011-2-18

As bad as things are in Bahrain, Libya is worse. 70 is the count of dead so far. It seems there is no movement from Muammar Gaddafi and protests have been banned but continued in multiple towns for several days. … Continue reading

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Bahrain: 2011-2-18

There are reports that military forces had fired on mourners heading for Pearl Roundabout and that the Salmaniya Hospital was overwhelmed with casualties. see also Reuters see also CNN CNN’s reporter, Arwa Damon, was told that soldiers fired into the … Continue reading

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Openness is Virtue. Ask Sony.

Sony has tried and failed to failed to lock down PlayStation. Their latest move was to threaten to ban those who modified their PlayStations… They were going to do that by recognizing a unique ID. Now the forces of openness … Continue reading

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Fate of Java

On the one hand, Java is looking like a security sieve/trojan these days and on the other Google has asked USPTO to shoot down several patents on Java which are held by Oracle.

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