Bahrain: 2011-2-17

“16:15pm A spokesman for the central command of Bahrain’s forces made a statement on state television:

Bahrain defence forces will take all necessary measures to secure safety, order and stability.”

That’s from Al Jazeera’s Blog on Bahrain. The guys who last night opened fire on sleeping men, women and children at the Pearl Roundabout, intend to secure safety, order and stability??? What’s with that? Either there is some sort of upheaval in the armed forces or that spokesman is outright lying. I expect it is the latter as the Bahraini military is tied closely to the ruling class and not representative of the society.

It looks like the regime will not roll over as in Tunisia and Egypt. I expect tomorrow will be a very interesting day in Bahrain. Friday is the holy day when many passionate speeches will be made in the mosques.

Recent details to emerge include beatings of medical personnel trying to aid the injured protestors. One doctor claimed the police only released him because they thought he might die on them. The armed forces have become judge, jury and executioners in Bahrain. The population will not tolerate this now. Saudi Arabia has offered to “assist” Bahrain so it looks like this will be a long and difficult period for protestors. I cannot see the protestors refraining from violence. If they cannot overturn this corrupt regime they will form an insurgency like we see in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a war of attrition they will win because the people greatly outnumber the military. Iran would be glad to supply material. How many will die or be maimed because a family wishes its exalted status to remain?

UPDATE “Bahrain’s foreign minister Khalid al Khalifa on state TV denies that Bahraini authorities used live fire to disperse pro-reform demonstrators. At a news conference he called the deaths of three protestors during the police raid a “regrettable accident”.” see Al Jazeera’s Live Blog on Bahrain
How can he state that when many witnesses at the site and the hospital identified buckshot wounds and four died? Many witnesses state that no warning was given. I think the statement by the minister was not intended for the protestors but for other audiences.

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