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Atom Savaged by Charlie Demerjian

Intel messed up over the netbook with the Atom and now has nowhere to go thanks to Nokia and M$ according to Charlie Demerjian. By agreeing to restrict screen-size etc. on netbooks, Intel painted Atom into a corner where it … Continue reading

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No Competition Allowed in M$’s Marketplace

You cannot distribute FLOSS via M$’s marketplace. This from a company that uses FLOSS, contributes to FLOSS and says it is a friend of developers… Yep. We can add hypocrisy to the evils of M$. see http://www.thinq.co.uk/2011/2/17/microsoft-bans-open-source-marketplace/ No one can … Continue reading

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Government and Security

There’s a story running on CBC that several Canadian Government departments were penetrated from China over the network. It seems the intruders got control of some executive PCs and sent memos to underlings to reveal passwords etc… I guess it … Continue reading

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Bahrain: 2011-2-17

“16:15pm A spokesman for the central command of Bahrain’s forces made a statement on state television: Bahrain defence forces will take all necessary measures to secure safety, order and stability.” That’s from Al Jazeera’s Blog on Bahrain. The guys who … Continue reading

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Nigeria Uses GNU/Linux to Manage Elections

Nigeria which has struggled over decades to give diverse groups of people a place in their democracy, has found GNU/Linux works for them to keep track of millions of voters. 120K PCs in a huge network manage the database. The … Continue reading

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Back-pedaling in Germany

“Back in 2007, the Foreign Office’s IT department regarded the use of open source software on servers and desktop systems as a success story. IT costs per workspace were reported to be lower than in any other government department, despite … Continue reading

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