ARM Marches Onward

Obviously ARM is doing very well in embedded stuff and smart thingies but nVidia’s newest Tegra chip is mind-blowing. They tout it for mobile but demonstrate it doing video and games on huge monitors. Does that not spell desktop/notebook/gaming console? Yep! There’s a rumour that this will power the next iPad.

Given that one and two-cored chips are adequate for phones this is a tablet-and-more chip. I can see it in notebooks and desktops as well as tablets and gaming consoles.

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  1. Lots of browsing can use multiple cores like playing Flash while loading pages and requesting multiple images in different processes. A browser would be silly to load one image and wait for it to be fully downloaded before requesting another. The web is a transactional medium with synchronization, not a single-headed hard drive. Whether the decoding of the image files is broken down into processes is a simple choice of the programmer. Why would a programmer prevent that when the hardware and the software can do it easily? Normally one core can handle tens or hundreds of processes. An OS like GNU/Linux can farm them out to cores automatically. Just ask the OS to start another process and it decides where to run it. If the overhead to start a process is excessive, just start a few and locally farm out images to each process. There’s no advantage to that on a single-core CPU but many CPUs have at least two cores these days.

  2. Dan Serban says:

    I believe what you actually see in the second video (the web browsing benchmark) is the power of WebKit, and not so much the power of quad-core.
    I very much doubt that one web browsing request is broken down into 4 chunks of processing such that it would be executed in parallel by all 4 cores. That would be so non-sensical, it would make my brain hurt.

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