Tablets: Apple v World

I read a post quoting reliable sources that announced that Apple was taking over the world with the iPad. The numbers do look like Android is an also-ran. It turns out others have much different numbers. iSuppli states that 2010 saw 19.65 million tablets ship and iPads were only 13 million. Predictions are that 66 million tablets will ship in 2011 from iSuppli and 45 million from DisplaySearch. The smaller number would tend to make iPad look wonderful… OTOH Android is going at full speed in 2011 so I would not bet on iPad to win the race.

Interestingly, these folks believe that other OS will have traction about 2013 and actually matter. That could work for business who could move their beloved apps over but the rest of the world will not wait for M$ to get its act together. By the end of 2011 Android will match iPad in tablet numbers. Apple just cannot match the area of store shelves covered by 20-25 new models of tablets coming out in 2011 with Android/Linux.

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