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Tablets: Apple v World

I read a post quoting reliable sources that announced that Apple was taking over the world with the iPad. The numbers do look like Android is an also-ran. It turns out others have much different numbers. iSuppli states that 2010 … Continue reading

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Suicidal Business: Taking Money from Competitors rather than Customers

There’s more information on the sell-out by Nokia to M$. Nokia expects to receive $billions from M$… Whatever happened to businesses making money by selling products to customers??? Just like ASUS sold out the eeePC to M$ for short-term gain … Continue reading

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The Next Generation of ARMed Devices Will Compete Nicely With Intel

On top of the announcements of products that will compete with Wintel on the desktop/notebook/etc ARM CPUs scheduled for production next year are just too amazing not to be competitive with x86: Qualcomm’s next SnapDragon will be 2.5gHz quadcore and … Continue reading

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