Egypt: 2011-2-11

After the speech by Mubarak insisting he would stay on the job, events have increased the pace of change in Egypt:

  • Mubarak and his family have fled to Sharm el Sheik,
  • a military committee have announced they are about to make an announcement,
  • protestors are picketing at many governmental buildings,
  • protestors have taken over a police station in northern Egypt, and
  • military helicopters have landed at the presidential palace in Cairo.

Folks are still talking about the constitution but this looks somewhat like a military coup. Perhaps the military will claim Mubarak is still the president although in title only. If the military sets a timetable for consitutional reform and free and fair elections this move could be acceptable to most segments.


UPDATE At 1602 GMT, the vice president announced on Egyptian TV that Mubarak abdicated and the military is in charge.


A military coup is sometimes a dangerous thing but in Egypt, the military may be the country’s most democratic institution because it is run by conscripts. The protestors are very happy. Let us hope that the military announces consitutional reform and free and fair elections.

It looks like an all-night party will be here:

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