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Malware is Winning

The struggle between malware and the PC dwarfs the struggle between Free and non-free software. Various estimates based on recent studies put the percentage of infected machines in the 31-50% range depending on whom you ask and this is in … Continue reading

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Has AMD Lost its Vision?

AMD is rebranding its desktop chips again for no particular reason. I guess the firm has been taken over by salesmen. The whole world is moving to smaller/cheaper chips for client PCs and they seem stuck on their own treadmill. … Continue reading

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It’s a Good News/Bad News Day

The good news is that the Mubarak regime in Egypt is all but gone. The bad news is that M$ and Nokia are going to push Phoney7. I see this as bad news because it will be a millstone around … Continue reading

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Egypt: 2011-2-11

After the speech by Mubarak insisting he would stay on the job, events have increased the pace of change in Egypt: Mubarak and his family have fled to Sharm el Sheik, a military committee have announced they are about to … Continue reading

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