Egypt: 2011-2-9

Protest in Egypt is approaching the kindling point. Previously youth and intelligentsia seemed to be involved in a major way. Now labour has stepped up. Protests have spread and now involve several large employers like the Suez Canal and the Ministry of Health. Yesterday the vice president of the country declared that the protests could not be allowed to continue much longer. The converse is also true. The dictatorship cannot be allowed to continue much longer. Even a dictatorship requires the consent (willingly or unwillingly given) of the governed to continue. The dictatorship in Egypt no longer has that consent. The protestors working together are stronger than the dictatorship.

see New York Times

see Al Jazeera

According to a report on Al Jazeera, the addition of labour is a critical stage in protest and 8 cities now have huge protests. Unless the government can cause the army to hold together and repress protest by force, the end of dictatorship is near, perhaps within a few days. How general does the protest have to be before the government becomes irrelevant? I can see the protests morphing into a constitutional convention resulting in some interim government and fresh elections this year.

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