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I May Be Ignorant, But Occasionally I Luck Out

I have heard of WebOS from HP but knew nothing about it. I guess I assumed it was another in-house OS like Symbian, etc. SJVN set me straight. It’s yet another environment on top of the Linux kernel. So, while … Continue reading

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Sometimes We Just Need To Laugh

Often life is not much fun but it beats the alternative… Today, though, I had tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks. Sony, who is suing a guy for figuring out how to put GNU/Linux back on the PlayStation, has … Continue reading

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Departures happen for many reasons in diverse organizations. A large outfit like M$ has its share. The 32 mentioned at eWeek interest me. Only 2 have no/little hair and only 2 are women. Presuming this is some kind of statistical … Continue reading

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Must-have Applications

In this forum and on other sites, I am often told that until PhotoShop is on GNU/Linux, GNU/Linux will never amount to much on the desktop. That is a load of tripe. My mother was fond of tripe but it … Continue reading

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Egypt: 2011-2-9

Protest in Egypt is approaching the kindling point. Previously youth and intelligentsia seemed to be involved in a major way. Now labour has stepped up. Protests have spread and now involve several large employers like the Suez Canal and the … Continue reading

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Whither Wireless?

802.11n is still wet behind the ears and the next big thing, 802.11ac is on the horizon. Gigabit/s (nearly) over wireless? That changes a lot. When will the web catch up? Gigabit/s is already available in a few countries but … Continue reading

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FLOSS Beats Closed/Proprietary In a Competitive Environment

FLOSS has huge advantages for businesses working in a competitive environment where agility and speed of product development is very important: the wheel does not re-inventing, thousands of outside developers contribute at no extra cost, and a much larger set … Continue reading

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Running Off Autorun

Some idiot at M$ decided it would be a great idea if code on mountable volumes would be automatically executed in that other OS. That decision makes that other OS fertile ground for malware. After a decade, M$ has decided … Continue reading

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Smartphones Coming Down in Price

In 2010 we saw smartphones pushing $1000 in price. Now that the number and kind of suppliers has exploded, prices are coming down to Earth. “China-based white-box vendors to offer below US$100 Android smartphones for emerging markets“

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