Egypt: 2011-2-8

There are few changes in the situation but they could be important sooner or later:

  • Mubarak has given his supporters governmental employees a 15% raise,
  • 20 lawyers have drawn up charges claiming corruption/conversion of money by Mubarak’s buddies ($billions),
  • Mubarak has ordered a committee formed to revise the constitution he wrote,
  • the Google guy who started a page on Facebook that may have been the catalyst for a lot of the protests was freed,
  • the government has promised not to prosecute the millions of protestors, and
  • the numbers and kinds of protestors keeps growing.

It appears that moves to diffuse the protests are merely making people more comfortable protesting. Even lawyers and teachers are protesting now. The Tahrir square is overflowing and protestors are finding it hard to fit/get in so they are protesting elsewhere to some extent. Protests in other cities continue as strong as ever.

None of the moves by the government soothe the protestors because they do not trust the government and certainly do not trust the government to dismantle the structures that have enriched the partners. About 10% of Egypt is employed by government. About 10% of Egypt are protesting or supporting the protests one way or another.

Watch Al Jazeera for up to date information.

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