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Egypt: 2011-2-8

There are few changes in the situation but they could be important sooner or later: Mubarak has given his supporters governmental employees a 15% raise, 20 lawyers have drawn up charges claiming corruption/conversion of money by Mubarak’s buddies ($billions), Mubarak … Continue reading

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Dalvik Spreads Android Apps

The Dalvik virtual machine is being ported to other platforms other than Android/Linux. This makes it trivial for Android apps to run on GNU/Linux and to spread to x86 systems. I love it. Can you see a smartphone user having … Continue reading

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Desktop Virtualization

“He adds that companies normally allocate about 1Gb of memory for Windows 7 when not using dynamic memory, which may be a waste. “In tests, we found that when you allocate a nominal 512Mb of RAM most of the virtual … Continue reading

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M$ Finally Takes My Advice – Too Late

Steve Ballmer has finally seen the light. If a tech company wants to remain a tech company it needs to be run by techies. He’s going to move some techies into high places. Too late, Steve. The rest of the … Continue reading

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Top-end ARM

TI has entered the ARMed race with a quad-core 2gHz design. You know this stuff is not only for mobility when it can do 1080P and stuff besides. Intel is not the only one with idle CPU cycles. The Who’s … Continue reading

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Smartphones are the New PC

Just as minicomputers took over from the mainframe and microcomputers took over from the minicomputer, the smartphone is taking over the PC. In 2010Q4 100 million smartphones shipped. Almost none shipped with that other OS. “Linux has taken off like … Continue reading

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Happy New Year to China

Digitimes is back on the air with news from Acer: “In 2011, Acer’s shipments of notebooks are expected to grow 15-20% to reach 40-45 million units and smartphone shipments to top over five million units, Wong projected.” Isn’t that lovely. … Continue reading

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