Extrajudicial Killing in Egypt

While the army seems to be effective in preventing deaths lately under the watchful eye of news media, there are estimates of up to 300 deaths as a result of the protests and reactions.

While sticks and stones may have accounted for some of these deaths there is evidence that police/army have shot protestors. See the videos below. One of the shootings appears to be at night with the use of laser sights. Typically only police and military assault forces would have these weapons. They certainly were not accidental or “shooting into the air”. The range can be estimated as 50-200m from the size of the laser spots and the time between impact and report. At that range a protestor throwing rocks is not a threat and even after the first protestor was down, two more giving assistance were shot. Fully automatic fire was used as well.

Some of the dead were shot in the head with single shots at a distance at night, indicating murderous intent by trained/equipped personnel. It is probably wise that the protestors at Tahrir have not elected leaders. They would be prime targets.

The talks with the government today will likely come to nothing as the same government of murderers will not be trusted even if they agree to demands of the protestors. The banks were operating for a few hours today ostensibly so that people can buy food etc. but it may also have been so that the goon squads can be paid. The fact that the banks could be open lends credence to the protestors’ claims that the shutting down of the economy was an act of war by the government against the population and not a result of irresponsible protestors.

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