Squeeze has been Released

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This will be one of the highlights of 2011. Debian GNU/Linux is the basis of many distros and sets a high standard for Free Software principles and code quality.

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  1. lpbbear says:

    “Mono is distributed under a Free Software licence. Whether or not is actually non-free due to patents is debatable.”

    I don’t think there is a debate. It should NOT have been in the default install at all. But even if one agrees that it is “debatable”, and I don’t, that is your word, then one must realize that including it in a default install is dangerous since as you said….it is “debatable”. I’m all for having it available in the repositories until the question is settled BUT NOT IN THE DEFAULT INSTALL. Someone screwed the pooch at Debian with this. Its definitely purged from my install and will be with any installs of Debian I do in the future. It very much ticks me off that I have to go through this with a distribution that purports to be “free” in the first place. I was completely floored to see this in Debian and my respect for the distribution has dropped quite a ways as a result. Pretty disingenuous to make a big deal about hardware drivers and how “free” they are and then turn around and do this.

  2. Mono is distributed under a Free Software licence. Whether or not is actually non-free due to patents is debatable. I think, sooner or later, software patents will be shot down so that issue may go away. I think XFCE4 is a better/faster desktop anyway. I use that on my installations. I am using a GNOME on my wife’s machine and my own notebook but I used XFCE4 at the school and found it very reliable and clean.

  3. lpbbear says:

    I downloaded the i386 net install version and did a default install. During the install I chose only “ssh server” and “graphical desktop” as options I wanted. This resulted in a Gnome based desktop that installed fine and worked fine. Since I was not interested in using Gnome I opened Synaptic and began adding the various KDE desktop elements for install. During this process I was surprised to find several “Mono” based libraries and software installed, none of which I had asked for or wanted. Given the emphasis in the release announcement that Debian was supposedly “free” software I am a bit dismayed to find Mono garbage in the default install at all. Its since been removed but in my opinion should not have been there in the first place.

  4. Ray says:

    I’m already seeing the horrors of LMDE users of the upcoming unstable packages 🙂

  5. oldman says:

    “Oldtroll, that happened only once!”

    And as evenPog has noted, it was enough to cause major damage to Dbeian’s reputation. This little bit of stupidity sh-it canned an eval of a very promising product that was based on Debian. My management simply refused to go near anything related to what they referred to as “hackers crap”.

    BTW that’s MR. OldTroll to you bud. do you have anything constructive to add other than insults?

  6. Once is enough for some things. Think adultery etc.

    The incident with openSSH shook my faith and caused me many hours of trouble. The distro still lives with the fallout in the form of blacklists hunting for the weak keys. It’s like Debian GNU/Linux created its own malware. I expect lessons were learned and I will stick with Debian GNU/Linux in spite of one or two imperfections. That other OS shipped with tens of thousands of vulnerabilities.

  7. nightgoblin says:

    Oldtroll, that happened only once!

  8. Richard Chapman says:

    “I’ll stick with red hat/centos thank you.”

    That’s the GNU/Linux definition of choice. First you get to choose another operating system entirely. Then you get to choose the flavor of distro. I do understand that some people are totally flummoxed by all this choice. They are much more comfortably to be told what they are going to get and that’s the end of it.

  9. oldman says:

    They also have the dubious distinction of c causing chaos upstream by improving the security right out of openssh.

    I’ll stick with red hat/centos thank you.

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