Today: Android 3 – 1800 GMT

See the release live on Youtube

See ArsTechnica’s live blog

The preview video and the talk of 3D cameras and viewing could mean this is more than Android on a big screen. Combined with a web app store, this could be a game-changer. The superiority of IT using Linux, FLOSS, and Android will be obvious to the consumer and the consumer will see this on shelves and display cases. M$ cannot compete with Lose CE, Phoney7 or some vapourware. It could be two years or more before M$ can respond with product. If it starts suing over Linux, the world will know that Linux is superior. Chuckle.

That was an amazing demonstration. This thing is an operating system for a PC. It should be able to run on smartphones eventually as well. So, users can have the same OS on smartphone and tablet. How long before they have the same OS on all their PCs? The demo included a game ported from PlayStation to Android in a very short time. Expect more to follow.

Apple has a tough act to follow. M$ is trailing in the dust.

Check out the Android Market. It reminds me a lot of the Debian GNU/Linux repository. There’s something for everyone.

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