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Bundling the OS with the PC

In France there were two rulings that judges should not ignore bundling when the consumer is aware of bundling. One consumer sued the retailer and another sued the OEM. for a refund of the retail price paid for that other … Continue reading

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WOW! If M$ Can’t Beat Google, M$ Copies Google

It appears that Google has caught M$ in industrial espionage or theft of search results. Google set up a sting by creating nonsensical search results and verified that Bing copied them. Google’s Terms of Service include “5.3 You agree not … Continue reading

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Release of Android 3 Tomorrow

Android 3 is having a coming-out party tomorrow. Having achieved 22% share of tablet PCs with Android 2, a smart phone release, Android’s share should go critical with the availability of Android 3. Several manufacturers have delayed releasing new product … Continue reading

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Keyboard PCs

I like the portability of tablet PCs but hate the touch screen idea. Here is the alternative for me, a PC in a keyboard, complete with a display where the numeric keypad used to be… see http://www.itechnews.net/tag/keyboard-pc/ The full-sized keyboard … Continue reading

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