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Sound of Footsteps

Smartphones sold about as many units as the world shipped other personal computers in 2010Q4. One-third of those smartphones were shipped with Android/Linux. In 2011 this pattern will repeat and more Android/Linux systems will ship on ARMed smartphones than Wintel … Continue reading

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Countdown to Debian Squeeze

Debian GNU/Linux releases “when it’s ready” and things are looking good. Estimated days to go: While the exclusion of things non-free from the installation media of the “Official” release may be an obstacle for some, there are workarounds at CDimages … Continue reading

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Attacks on FLOSS

We have seen it all: astroturfing all over the web, trolls specializing in FLOSS, trying to make Freedom seem a flaw, pronouncements from high and low that FLOSS is patent-encumbered or is a copy of non-free software, and serious attacks … Continue reading

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