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There are rumours/speculations about “8”. I suspect they are mostly what’s in the works from M$. Nothing else could compete with what’s happening in the real world with ARM+GNU/Linux+Android/Linux. M$ will have to sell licences to a distributed OS with … Continue reading

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Chemistry, Quantum Mechanics and Thermodynamics Align Against Apple

Apple may test their user-interface and design it well but not being a global operation hurts them. They got the physics of antennae wrong and now they are being left out in the cold for not operating in the cold… … Continue reading

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Chickens Roost

Remember how explosive the sales of “7” were going? ” revenue for Redmond’s Windows division fell to $5.1 billion from $7.2 billion, a 29 percent drop. Net income from Windows sales was down 39 percent to $3.3 billion from $5.4 … Continue reading

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2011 Will Be Big, Very Big

Industries supplying IT are shivering with excitement. TSMC is cranking up production and planning 18 inch wafers and 20 nm. ARMed chips have been huge and may increase 8-fold in sub-$150 smart phones running Android GNU/Linux. tablets could ship 42 … Continue reading

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