News (?) that Google was censoring search for torrents disturbed me as bittorrent is a powerful tool to permit wide distribution of FLOSS at minimum cost and uplinking is one way ordinary folks can “give back” to the FLOSS community.

No fear, “torrent” finds 4700 hits. Perhaps the censorship is more targeted or being phased in.

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2 Responses to Torrents

  1. By that reasoning we should ban all e-mail because most of it is spam. It’s not logical to punish folks using torrents because some people use torrents to do illegal file transfers.

  2. ChrisTX says:

    They’re not censoring the searches, they’ve just removed it from their instant and suggestion services.

    Also, let’s be honest, while torrents are indeed a nice way of downloading distro ISOs, I’d say that at least 95% of torrent traffic are not covering legal material.

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