And It Came To Pass, The Tiny ARMed PC

This thing is pocket-sized but it’s not a mobile thingie, it’s a desktop PC. CompuLab has been making industrial controllers and such using x86 but lately it is going with ARM. No doubt they like the performance per cubic centimetre/dollar.

I was expecting things like this to appear in the fall but these guys plan on shipping in April. No prices yet… If they can undercut eeeBox, we should have some competition in this space. Good.

TFA claims “Linux-on-ARM is at a relatively early stage in its development” but Debian GNU/Linux has been on ARM for years. New gadgets will spark innovation so this could be the start of a whole new era. This gadget looks like the right way to use ARM on the desktop except for VESA mounting. Perhaps ducttape will work. 😉 The eeeBox came with a Vesa bracket/frame to hold the box on the back of a monitor. This could be my first ARMed PC. No “tax” to M$ and it’s tiny and cute. I am not fond of the tiny keyboards or lack of keyboards on netbooks and tablets. This thing is designed for me to hook up my aircraft-carrier sized Fujitsu keyboard, still going strong after many years of typing, and a big monitor.

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2 Responses to And It Came To Pass, The Tiny ARMed PC

  1. I think it is mechanical. Steel frame. Precise key clicks.

    The way things are going we may end up without boxes, just a chip in keyboard or monitor. All-in-one units are growing.

  2. Dann says:

    Is that Fujitsu a mechanical keyboard?
    +7 to Hacking

    It’d be nice to see laptops get some mechanical love.

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