Apple is Temporarily the World’s #2 Supplier of Computers

That headline results from considering the iPad as a computer. Because iPad seems to have dented sales of other PCs, that is not an unreasonable position. However, we should come back to reality in 2011 as diversity in tablets grows. Particularly if other tablets sell for much less than the iPad, iPad’s growth could be dampened. The next couple of quarters should tell us whether iPad is God’s gift to mobile computers or a fad. iPads, priced at $500 and up, should experience fierce competition. I don’t buy the Apple-is-wonderful idea. They were first to market but they will have to cut prices to maintain #2 shipper status. HP maintains #1 status by being very tight with business. I don’t see that changing quickly because HP is diversifying.

Certainly mobility is a major theme these days with notebooks overtaking other forms of PCs but finger-painting is for kids. If a GNU/Linux desktop is resisted because it is “different” drawing on the screen will be resisted by many for similar reasons. No more chips and pop at the touch-pad… If a strange OS is resisted, won’t iOS be resisted as well?

In the meantime, tablets will take a bite out of M$’s share whether it is Android or iOS underneath. M$’s share will be seriously undermined in 2011 no matter who makes the tablets because Lose embedded and Phoney7 don’t cut it with many users.

UPDATE Canalys says tablets should be considered PCs and they count Apple as close to Dell. see Canalys/

UPDATE – see AppleInsider. If GNU/Linux is M$’s #1 threat, M$ is in serious trouble as Apple is coming on strong in share of personal computing…

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  1. They are way ahead of everyone else in 2010. I think it indicates the time has come for the tablet. Third time lucky…

  2. saulgoode says:

    Apple the first to market a tablet PC? I wouldn’t’ve expected the RDF to extend so far north.

  3. dotNet Zombie says:

    Windows Phone 7 would be a great OS for tablets, sadly MS is still trying to put Windows 7 on it. Win7 works fine if the tablet flips upward and has a hidden keyboard(but then that’s kind of a netbook then).

    As for now, I’ll look forward to having an Android powered tablet.

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