SCOTUS – Bilski Revisited – Recusal

Apparently two of the SCOTUS justices, Scalia and Thomas, were deeply involved in “conservative” (not sure what they are conserving but it’s not impartial justice) political events. That brings to mind how they ruled in Bilski. Did these two justices have a hidden agenda and should they have recused themselves or should they be impeached?

It’s hard to see how activity like this in politics is allowed by the separation of powers. If justices are buddies with those who hold everything related to business is sacred should they not recuse themselves from ruling on issues favouring business? I remember the heat and passion that accompanied the review of both justices appointment to SCOTUS. Clearly both conservatives and liberals like to have friends on the court. It’s like the US has given up on impartiality. The US wants to have winners and losers in everything even if the outcome is wrong/biased.

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