More “Deep Diving”

Remember when SCOG told the world there were millions of lines of SVRX copied into Linux? Remember they told the world they had hired experts to do some deep diving? It turned out to be a few header files from the POSIX standard.

Now, Florian Mueller is screaming that he has found 6 (count them 6) files in Android that look like they were decompiled from Java. I have downloaded an Android repository form and find hundreds of files and 36MB of source code in Dalvik.

Even if Mueller is proven correct, the penalty in law for copyright violations of such minor proportions is not a tax on every handset ever produced. At most it is a few million dollars, the default penalty X 6. Oracle did not make the phones…. and Google did not get paid for them. It’s still not clear that Oracle/SUN did not release the code in question under a free licence.

My brief traversal of the repository with grep found 474 instances of files containint SUN copyright claims and 141000 files altogether. What is that, 1/3 % ? So if an instance of Android is worth, say, $50 and Oracle claims 1/3% of 100 million copies it’s only $17million barely enough to pay the lawyers… We know SUN GPLed stuff. By the time this is sorted out file by file, the settlement if any will be worth a lot less.

Florian Mueller, BTW, is a master of FUD and has spread it globally.

see ZDnet – oops-no-copied-java-code-or-weapons-of-mass-destruction-found-in-android

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  1. Ray says:

    But the web plugin, and the build tools required isn’t.

  2. Correction; Java is open source but it’s not yet fully Free Software. SUN and now Oracle demand enslavement if used in mobile. That’s why Google chose Dalvik which is not a Java virtual machine. That’s why Oracle is suing.

  3. Ray says:

    Java isn’t fully open source yet, it’s only partially open source.

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